We know everything about stand construction


Stand construction is our speciality. 30 years of experience translating into nearly 6000 stands constructed a year. So far we appeared as the MTP stand construction team but since November 2011 we function aslogo_mikro.jpgso that our services can be identified better among the exhibitors. Our idea is to tailor the stand to the needs of a given client, regarding their business goals as well as the specifics of the trade fair. But the most important value of the company are the people. It is they who make you feel safe. A professional team consisting of experienced designers, competent consultants and professional assembly workers will take care of each and every detail. You can hope not only for the classic service – we offer you much more than that. We will prepare for you a comprehensive offer on stand construction along with full logistic service, we will store your exposition’s elements in our spacious storehouses as well as transport them and assembly the stand at any trade fair both in Poland and abroad. We will advise you how to make your stand attract attention and how to make it cost-effective. We will help you to develop the concept f your performance, and the marketing strategy of your company will be translated into the stand project which will be not only aesthetic and of the highest quality but most of all will ensure achieving of your business goals.


You can trust us because… we know what we’re doing.

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