Interview with the Vice-President of MTP (Poznań International Fair)

We will build anything, anywhere you want

tomasz_kobierski.JPGInterview with Tomasz Kobierski, Vice-President of the Management the Board of the Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie (MTP)


A year has just passed since the brand of IDEAEXPO.MTP was launched onto the market. Where did the idea to separate the team responsible for the construction of trade fair stands come from?

The stand construction team has been part of MTP for over three decades. And much as it is difficult to make comparisons between the market as it is today and as it was thirty years ago, I must say that we have used that period to gather experience, build relations with clients and train our employees so that their expertise meets the growing expectations of exhibitors. Over these last decades, the market has changed from the one ruled by producers to the one ruled by consumers, on which supply significantly exceeds demand. In other words, there are so many companies on the market that exhibitors can easily find offers, compare them and choose the best ones. Most of our exhibitors are aware of the fact that the Poznań International Fair (MTP), apart from organising numerous trade fair events, provides also services involving comprehensive arrangement of trade fair stands. Nevertheless, we felt that it was necessary to clearly emphasize this field of our activities so that it was easily noticeable. The reason for this decision was that our team has been operating in the same way as specialised companies dealing with stand construction - and this is a very competitive market. We also conducted marketing research which showed that we needed to change our way of communicating with clients, so that they could be certain that cooperation with us guaranteed services of high quality and a reasonable price, plus a number of additional benefits they would not be able to get anywhere else on the market.



“Differentiate or die” - this slogan has become extremely popular on the market. What is it, then, that differentiates IDEAEXPO.MTP from other companies operating in the stand construction sector?


We stand out from our competitors with our unique competences and experience gathered over many years. Our company is the only one in Poland with such highly qualified team of employees. In order to meet the needs of our exhibitors we put at their disposal over 100 people, including 20 designers specialised in arranging exhibition space, more than 10 experienced consultants and professional technical staff. Our warehouses are filled to the brim with construction elements, many of which are Maxima elements - extremely easy to apply. We also have our own carpenter’s shop used to construct more unusual stands. An important element of the exposition is also furniture, which is why we have purchased the latest collection and are going to offer it to our clients as soon as in January.


Is all that enough to be an expert on the market?

Our production capacity and competences of our staff enable us to build nearly 6,000 stands a year. This figure accounts for 50 percent of all the stands constructed at the Poznań fairs and a growing number of such works performed in other trade fair centres, also abroad. This is, obviously, not all. With such significant experience in the fair trade industry as ours and with the access to the expertise of our whole company - the only trade fair centre listed in world rankings - we are able to offer our exhibitors more than just stands.





What are, then, the benefits which exhibitors draw from the services provided by IDEAEXPO.MTP?

As a stand construction expert we guarantee our clients that we will optimise their participation in exhibitions. This means that we offer the exhibitor services customised specifically to his needs and his budget, but also suited to the type of the fair event, the condition of the industry, the competition and the type of visitors. At the same time, while providing high quality services we try to keep our prices reasonably low. We concentrate on offering our clients ready ideas for their participation in given fair events: efficient and not overly expensive, and first of all - allowing for the achievement of particular business goals. One method of optimising costs which we use is long-term offers. Such long-term offers include the storage of elements and the reassembly of the stand construction as well as comprehensive logistic services at any fairs in Poland or in the whole world.


Who can count on such comprehensive care? Is it reserved only for the largest clients?

We provide professional and comprehensive services to all our clients, irrespective of the size of the stand or the type of the construction. In our opinion, the role of fairs is to provide every enterprise - regardless of their position on the market - with an opportunity to efficiently achieve their goals and take the full advantage of the participation in a given exhibition. This is what the stand - as a temporary seat of the enterprise for the time of the fair - must guarantee. It is true that smaller enterprises usually have lower budgets at their disposal. But it does not mean that they cannot efficiently promote themselves at fairs. They can always count on our support in that matter. As an integral part of MTP, we have a possibility to organise - within the limits of a particular budget - a comprehensive trade fair performance, including full logistic services, efficient promotional activities and events.


Being an expert is also a kind of mission.

Indeed, being experts, we can afford to look at the market from a broader perspective. We know the field in which we operate and - what is more - we develop and extend the scope of services we can provide, while improving our competences. We also have our eyes open for new trends in the exhibition industry. What is more - we are willing to share our expertise with others. Although we operate as a business entity - our clients always come first. If the exhibitors achieve their business goals, the efficiency of trade fairs as a marketing communication tool will rise. This, in the long term, will contribute to the development of the whole market of exhibition services and will facilitate economic development.




And how has the scope of your activity changed in recent years?

Classical stands are just one area of our activity. I would say that there was a moment when we ceased to describe what we do as constructing stands and since then we have been talking more about arranging space - not only exhibition space. We are probably the only enterprise on the market able to professionally prepare almost any space to suit the purpose of a sports, social or cultural event. We serve sports events, such as CSI3*W horse competitions, i.e. the famous Cavaliada, which now has also its Warsaw edition. We build fully equipped conference halls, professional stages and catwalks; we arrange interiors. It must be remembered that our company was responsible for the preparation of MTP buildings for the needs of the UN Climate Change Conference COP 14, Taize Youth Meetings or events related to the Polish Presidency in the European Union. For years we have also organised world-class exhibitions of animals: pedigree dogs and cats, racing and decorative pigeons or widely known National Breeding Animals Exhibition. We have also recorded numerous successes on the international market. Only this year, we have been with our exhibitors in London, Paris, Hannover, Munich, Berlin, Bologna and even in Cannes. And finally - a curiosity. This year, the team of IDEAEXPO.MTP prepared a surprise for the inhabitants of Poznań. For the hottest period in summer a beach was built at the grounds of MTP, with a court for beach volleyball and pétanque, and a place for relaxation - with deckchairs, sunshades, a water curtain, and a sandpit - ideal for the whole families with children.



How is the stand construction market changing?

First of all, clients’ expectations grow every year. Each client requires customised service, advice, understanding of his needs and a lot of creativity. This is why building long-term relations based on complete trust is so important. Another challenge for the sector is the changing trends, visible, for example, in the use of unusual materials and architectural solutions which have not been applied to the exhibition industry so far. Every now and then we need to invest in fresh collections of furniture and in new equipment. In recent years we have also noticed an increased interest in all kinds of multimedia. PDPs and computers with internet access are no longer enough. Seamless screens, touch tables and screens, professional sound and lighting systems are used at stands more and more often. And this trend will grow stronger in the future.


Thank you for the interview.





Stand construction expert


Since November 2011 the MTP stand construction team has been operating under the brand of IDEAEXPO.MTP Stand construction expert. The launch of a new brand was aimed at distinguishing this field of MTP’s activity on the competitive market of stand construction services. Clients taking advantage of the services of the MTP team are guaranteed to receive an optimum stand, strictly adjusted to their needs and facilitating the achievement of their business goals. As an integral part of the Poznań International Fair (MTP), the IDEAEXPO.MTP team sees the participation in the fair in a broad context, taking into account the nature of a given event, the kind of visitors, the presence of the competition, the condition of the industry or new trends in the field of broadly understood marketing communication.


As an expert in stand construction, IDEAEXPO.MTP provides comprehensive and customised approach to participating in exhibitions. Experienced consultants prepare an optimised offer in the field of stand construction, including all the accompanying services, i.e. the logistics, storage and assembly at any fairs in Poland or in the whole world. They will tell you what to do to organise a stand which attracts attention and distinguishes itself from the stands of the competition. They will help you create a concept of a trade fair performance so that the marketing strategy of the business is translated into the stand design. Exhibitors who use our services have at their disposal also the technical service located on the spot and the largest in Poland collection of furniture and modern accessories.


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